Create a computer in Minecraft that can run games and apps

If anyone still thought that Minecraft could put a kind of limit on the imagination of his players, he will no doubt now change his mind definitively. A sandbox player by Mojang Studios actually recreated a 8-bit processor equipped with logic units, cache, memory, ALUs, instructions of different types so that it can perform the necessary calculations for different types of games and apps.

A processor built with Minecraft

The author of this company is known on the network under the nickname “Sammyuri” and completed his work 7 months, using Minecraft blocks to rebuild the architecture of the computer. to whom he gave the name of Chungus 2 (Computation Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit).

Chungus 2 (Computation Humongous Unconventional Number and Graphics Unit)

Chungus 2 has the 1 hertz clock speed And 256 bytes of RAMspecifications that allow it to run simple games such as Snake Or Tetris on a screen 3232. Also simulated the joysticks which allows you to interact with those games, the buttons of which are pressed with theavatar of Minecraft, as seen in a video uploaded by “Sammyuri” on YouTube.

“I probably should have made it clear in the video, but all operations have been sped up by a factor of between a hundred and a few thousand times to make them truly observable in real time”wrote “Sammyuri” in a comment on the video. “While the 1Hz clock speed makes this CPU very fast for a CPU made in Minecraft, it’s actually nowhere near as fast as it looks when watching the video”.

Although the first version was released more than 10 years ago, Minecraft is still today a benchmark among games that manage to express the creativity of their players. Especially during the recent lockdowns, more and more people, children, teenagers and adults, have been spending time on the many game servers taking advantage of Minecraft’s ability to be a real toy chest.

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