Create a macro amortization schedule

Did you know that you can create macro depreciation tables in Excel? If they can be created in this program and it is not complex to make them, if you have any doubts on how to create them, you just have to keep reading in order to have the information you have. need.

How to create a macro amortization schedule?

In order to properly create a macro depreciation schedule, it is important to know what is called depreciation.

Depreciation mainly refers to economic, administrative and accounting terms, which reflect the processes of allocating expenses over time of lasting value.

Now it is necessary to go through a series of steps, in order to correctly create a data amortization table, in order to avoid some type of error in the said process, so that the work done has the desired purpose.

What are the steps to be able to create the macro depreciation table?

These steps are as follows:

  • We are located in the rows and cells of our spreadsheet
  • We choose box A-1 and we put the name of “Identifier”
  • In box B-1 we put the name “Table 1”
  • In the next box, which is A-2, we put the name of “Payment”
  • And in box B-2 the amount, which in this case is “$ 1,500.00”
  • Another box located in part A-3 with the name “Term”
  • While in box B-3 we put the number “13”
  • And finally an A-4 box with the location called “Initial Balance”
  • Followed by that in box B-4, we put the amount to be worked on which is “$ 10,000.00”
  • We give the option “Create a table”

These steps are repeated, therefore depending on the amount of data that it is necessary to place in the amortization table, to proceed to the right formulas and to obtain the final results with the greatest possible success. Of course, it is necessary that the step-by-step be carried out correctly for it to be possible to obtain the results.

With all the necessary and clear data you can easily get your amortization schedule, by following each of the previous steps you can achieve it effectively, of course, taking care of the details but above all the formulas that should be used for the results. are the same. correct and there are no errors regarding them.

In addition to this, you can add various characteristics to give more life to the macro amortization table in Excel, among which the following stand out: colors, font, size, alignment, line spacing, location, among other characteristics. This can be taken into account to create a creative board.