admits attack: 400 users compromised. And, maybe, more than 30 million stolen [AGGIORNATA]

Chris MarszalekCEO of, gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he confirmed the attack that took place on the exchange a few days ago and revealing that it affected a total of 400 users.

In recent days, the company had suspended withdrawals for a period of around 14 hours, after receiving reports of “some suspicious activity”. The company also ordered a reset of two-factor authentication.

The communications that quickly issued at the time of the incident, in order to reassure the public, seemed rather incomplete. Marszalek then spoke generically of “suspicious activity”, never indicated the volume and value of what was stolen, and said that “user funds were not stolen”.

In the Bloomberg interview, CEO Marszalek clarified that affected users have received full refund of funds the same dayalthough this time also does not explain the value of what was wrongfully stolen in the attack.

The CEO of said the company has more than 200 security professionals who have built a “very robust” infrastructure, but did not provide details on the nature of the attack, saying only that “some layers (of security) have been breached”. .

Marszalek then pointed out, as already indicated in recent days, that the company is working on a report to be published in the coming days once all the investigations of the case have been completed. However, the CEO of plays down: “Given the size of the company, these numbers are not particularly relevant”.

As mentioned, however, there is no official indication of the extent of the problem. In recent days, blockchain analytics firm PeckShield had found suspicious movements for a total of 4,600 ETH, or around $15 million. Added to this are more recent analyzes by ErgoBTC user who claims that movements on the blockchain reveal additional suspicious transactions amounting to 444 BTC(about $18 million).

Update at 12:51 p.m.: has released a statement in which he confirmed the theft of 4836.26 ETH, 443.93 BTC and the equivalent of $66,200 in other cryptocurrencies, for a grand total of almost $34 million, and 483 accounts affected. However, technical details about what really happened have not been disclosed.