Crysis 4 official: here is the trailer

Crisis 4 formalized with the first images and the first teaser trailer. First of all, the Chinese profile of crytek published an article with the first image from the fourth chapter of Crysis. And there is also a comment: “Project Crysis 4 confirmed, opening up a new battlefield based on nanotechnology” this is what makes the protagonists of the series powerful.

Crisis 4

The official press release on the Crytek website adds that Crysis 4 is still in the early stages of development, “So serve a little more time” before seeing it in the final version. “We wanted to announce it anyway because we are excited about the future and want to involve the community in all phases of the production” emphasizes Crytek.

Nine years have passed since the release of the last chapter of the series, Crisis 3released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. More recently arrived Crysis Remastered, which partially disappointed the expectations of fans of the series, followed by the technical update of its two sequels. Also in light of the great success achieved by the historic first chapter of Crysis, originally released in 2007 and which remained the technical and performance benchmark for many years in terms of its graphics. So much so that the saying has remained historic: “Does Crysis make it work? when evaluating the performance of a gaming machine.

In recent years, Crytek has encountered a series of financial difficulties, which have not been solved by the graphics engine license either. CryEngine n initiatives in the sector of virtual reality. The previous chapters of Crysis, finally, have been published by electronic arts, but it is not known whether the American company involved in the new project. However, his logo does not appear in the teaser.

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