Customize your Android – Android Expert

How cute is Android! The colors, the wallpapers, the widgets, everything!

However, you can always go further, towards something that truly suits your tastes and needs.

We hope you find what you are looking for

If you didn’t know that you could customize android In the way you like the most, we tell you that this operating system has this advantage. Besides it is very simple and quick to obtain what look you were looking for.

If you wish, you will find in these articles all the ways to customize android and have it the way you like it, in just a few easy steps.

Customize the Android screen

The main screen is the Android presentation. There should be all the information relevant to your day.

The one you want, not the maker!

That is why in the links that you have available below we will tell you how to customize android screen to truly serve you.

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  • Remove the Google bar: Access.
  • Run apps from the lock screen: access.
  • The best Android lock screens: log in.
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  • Customize any Android: Access.
  • Change the Android font: Access.

Other tips to customize your Android as much as possible

You should know that Android can be customized beyond its appearance. You can also operate many system functions as you want.

Audio, notifications, animations, and more may be what they serve you best.

If you want to know how customize the functions of the Android system, this is your place. In the following links you will find very good information on how to achieve this successfully and simply and quickly, without problems.

  • Change alarm tones on Android: access.
  • Run applications when you connect the headset: Access.
  • Change Android notifications to iPhone notifications: Access.
  • Display images while the battery is charging: Access.
  • See the forecast in the Android notification bar: Access.
  • Edit Android animations: Access.
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