Dell Invests in Cloud and Multicloud with APEX Services

Dell has expanded its portfolio of solutions to meet the needs of enterprises pursuing multi-cloud strategies. New additions include APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services for data archiving and protection, APEX Multi-Cloud Data Services to protect workloads on public clouds, and new DevOps offerings.

Today’s multi-cloud reality is complex as the geographic distribution of data is concentrated across on-premises and co-located data centers, multiple public clouds, and edge environments. With the broadest technology portfolio in the industry, consistent tools, expertise in building open ecosystems, and industry-leading data storage, services and supply chain capabilities, Dell is uniquely positioned to help customers to take control of their multicloud strategy.“, did he declare Jeff BoudreauPresident of the Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies.

What’s New at Dell for Multicloud

MOUNTAIN PEAK is Dell’s Infrastructure as a Service, a series of services that can be managed through a single console to allow organizations to focus more on business than infrastructure management. Specifically, APEX Data Storage Services is a portfolio of elastic resources that can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, within a secure data center Equinix International Business Exchange operated by Dell Technologies.

APEX has recently been updated to support new multi-cloud services.

Apex Data Storage

APEX Multicloud Data Services is a service that simplifies access to data present on different public clouds that guarantees the protection of files, blocks, objects and data. By adopting it, it will be easier for companies to secure their data on the cloud service(s) they prefer, thus avoiding the risk of being blocked with a single producer and avoiding the costs of leaving the service or moving the data. from one cloud to another.

dell apex multicloud.png

APEX Backup Services, on the other hand, is a SaaS offering that provides data and workload protection. It provides instant threat detection and response capabilities, and ensures rapid information retrieval in the event of a problem.

Dell’s storage portfolio eventually expands with Alpine Project, an initiative to extend the intellectual property of Dell’s file and block storage platforms across major public clouds. By adopting it, customers will be able to purchase storage software as a managed service using their existing cloud credits and enjoy a seamless and consistent storage experience from on-premises environments to public clouds, as well as easily share data. between different clouds.

New Dell DevOps Ready Platforms

Dell also announced news about DevOps platforms dedicated to developers. More specifically, they were introduced Amazon EKS Anywhere on PowerFlex and PowerStore, which enables enterprises to orchestrate Kubernetes on public clouds or on-premises, e SUSE Rancher on VxRail. The latter implements multi-cluster and multi-cloud Kubernetes management in order to offer customers the possibility of choosing the cloud orchestration platform they prefer.