Destiny 2, Bungie’s 30th Anniversary Event: Gjallarhorn, New Weapons and PvE Activities

This month Bungie blows out 30 candles. The Bellevue, Wash.-based software company is the birthplace of the iconic franchise Halonow controlled by 343 Industries, and before the Master Chief started the popular shooters marathon And Myth.

Bungie creations are celebrated around the world destiny 2 through an unprecedented in-game event that brings together players from Shared world shooter with the promise of new PvE activities – including another dungeon and a 6-player mode – and an avalanche of weapons. There is also the Gjallarhornan old acquaintance of players from the first Destiny.

Destiny 2, Bungie’s 30th Anniversary: ​​What’s New?

Starting today, Tuesday, December 7, users who purchased the DLC pack “Destiny 2: 30 Years of Bungie” can access a new dungeon and get the Exotic Rocket Launcher Gjallarhorn, complete with catalyst. For longtime fans of the Destiny series, this update treat becomes a real blast from the pasthaving the opportunity to once again get their hands on the most iconic weapon in the entire franchise.

As for secrecy, greed grip a three-player activity inspired by the famous loot cellars of the Cosmodrome. “Discover a tale of riches and suffering as you follow an adventurer who traded his humanity for treasure”. Along with the Exotic Rocket Launcher, new weapons, ornament sets, emotes, sparrows, ghost shells, and more are also coming with the DLC. Specifically, here is some of the content from the new digital bundle:

  • Myth Swordfish
  • Destiny 1 Legendary Weapons
  • Thorn themed armor
  • Exotic Goshawk Gjallarcere
  • Marathon themed armor ornaments
  • Bungie Themed Streetwear Armor Ornaments
  • And so on!

destiny 2 gjallarhorn

In conjunction with the dedicated Bungie bundle, Destiny 2 players are getting a new PvE activity for 6 playersthat is to say the The challenges of eternity. The cooperative mission is free for everyone, even for players of the free version of the shooting game. However, owners of the 30 Years Pack will have access to “Additional Reward Chests”.

Bungie’s 30th Anniversary DLC is available for purchase now, and related activities are now available on Destiny 2, via the new game update.

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