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In a market that is only growing and that is far from saturation, learning and being interested in developing an application from scratch is important to structure good projects with good return potential. However, enough knowledge is needed to be shared in an attractive way. Want to understand how apps are created and run? Find out more here in this article.


Oh brainstorming ideas can be the beginning to structure the flow of thoughts so that the project begins to take shape. Respecting the functionality of the application, the solutions for usability to be as expected it is necessary to respect the programming logic, visually, experimentally and in your final application. For this, all elements relating to development must be interconnected.


After brainstorming, you need to define the basics of your business, set goals, and how your application will act in this part. From there, try to understand and answer some questions like:

  • What is the purpose of your application?
  • What is your app’s target audience and how will it affect users’ lives?
  • Is the attraction of my product also a differential in the market?

Receiving feedback from potential customers through communication channels and questionnaires can be a good start to centralizing ideas, as the desire of the audience is always the most important. So, the development of an application is directly linked to the use of the market, so the perception of the defects and qualities of your app can make your product superior to its competitors, even before rough programming.

Modificações e melhorias são sempre importantes!
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Following the ideals summarized in the previous steps, it is really necessary to put on paper design sketches, texts, drawings, images, buttons, menus and icons that you want to belong to your screens (wireframe). It also sets certain priorities such as user issues in terms of payments, downloads, real-time location, for example, and how this will be conveyed to the customer within the app.

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Construction / Design

The construction of an interesting sequence of screens (storyboard), with a simplified and dynamic communication between them, is essential for the operation of the application to be smooth in navigation. Therefore, it is interesting to invest in User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX). The difference between them is in the practical and perceived experiences while using the application, both of which are important for the user to feel comfortable in a functional application.

Oh backend it must be planned and built after the wireframes and storyboards have been finalized. In this case, the backend defines actions, reads, storage solutions and directions in the main part of the app. Without these schedules the application will not work perfectly. Soon, databases, servers, among others will be placed.


Some beta tests, placed in a real environment for validation, are essential for the programmer to see what errors might be bugs at the time of mobile development.

The test on the Google Play Store, the Android platform, takes place through a simple upload. The evaluation takes from 3 to 5 hours after which it can be released or not on the platform. For Apple Store testing, you must first use another platform (example: Testflight) for the beta version.

Review and release

It is imperative that negative comments and errors from the first phase of testing are used for effective bug fixes. From there, targeted marketing to launch the application in the channels where your target group will be reached and your widely advertised product is very important. After that, your app is ready to be downloaded from the stores of each operating system.

Programs to assist

If you want to do some of the work yourself, here are some programs to help your project:

Specialized companies

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