Do you want to become a developer? With NOKIA you can make your dreams come true for FREE!

Łukasz Dudziński • Out of hours • 15 July 2021 •

Recruitment for the 16th edition of the Nokia Academy is underway, a project managed by Nokia’s Wroclaw branch, which aims to identify among the many telecommunications enthusiasts those with the greatest potential. The best can count on permanent work with the ICT industry leader this year. However, you need to hurry, as the application deadline has expired July 25!

Nokia specializes in creating the most modern system solutions for advanced data transmission in networks that support mobile devices. It was this company that co-created the fourth generation transmission technology (known as LTE), so popular today, and its successor, the 5G network. No wonder then that there is an intense search for people who are so ambitious and so talented that they can build the future not just of Nokia, but of global telecommunications.

What is Nokia Academy?

It is a cyclical program aimed mainly at recent graduates of predominantly technical universities, students in the last years of studies and people who would like to pursue a professional career at Nokia, but do not yet have sufficient experience or all the required skills. An absorbing mind and basic knowledge of programming or testing, telecommunications, mathematics or related fields are required.

There are two courses to choose from: Software Testing and C ++ Programming. The training offers the opportunity to acquire skills that will allow participants to pursue new professional areas and receive proposals for permanent collaboration with Nokia.

timeline lato 2021
Nokia Academy Summer 2021 Program.

Who are they looking for and who is “moving forward”?

Over 1,000 people signed up for this year’s Nokia Academy. The project is attracting the interest of an ever-growing audience and each subsequent edition will significantly surpass its predecessor in scale.

The latest edition of the program will start on August 9th and end on October 19th. Lessons and workshops will be held from Monday to Friday, from 16:30 to 18:30.

I am mainly looking for programmers who work in C ++ languages ​​and discerning software testers. In addition to knowledge, candidates are required to be able to creatively solve problems and go beyond the beaten path, beyond the box. So thinking outside the box is rewarded. People are the most important thing where innovative solutions are created.

Piotr Knapik, Talent Attraction Head of the Central Europe Region at Nokia

Nokia Academy step by step

The first step is, as usually happens, to register and register with After the successful verification, comes the second step – Invitation to the inaugural conference.

Due to the restrictions related to the epidemiological situation, all Nokia Academy XVI meetings will be held online.

The third step is a test that covers the range of material presented in the lesson, which tests your knowledge acquisition skills and examines the candidates’ thinking.

Those who qualify for the next stage – fourth – will follow a two-month cycle of intensive training and workshops as part of their chosen profile. These training courses are the last phase of the program, after which the best participants will receive permanent job offers at Nokia. The condition is, however, the successful completion of the training cycle: after which, a job at Nokia is at hand.

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