Download ibis Paint X for PC FREE! [2021 ]

With ibis Paint X, the way you draw will change drastically, as it is a powerful tool that will not allow you to create different designs in detail. It has a wide variety of features that are comparable to even more complex computer programs. It is a complete, complex and precise application which gives us the possibility of creating works of art. The possibilities are truly endless, imagination is a big part of the process as you have tools of all kinds and trust me you really have a huge variety to do whatever you can think of.

To name just a few tools, we can find over 800 fonts, 379 brushes, 27 blend modes, 66 filters, 46 screentones, we can create different kinds of layered designs to optimize the work and this just to name a few- some of its characteristics. Something very important in this application is the social factor. Since we can share our drawings not only on social networks. If it is not also in the ibis Paint X community, then we will get the opinions and recommendations of other more experienced users to improve our designs.

Installation instructions
  1. Install Bluestack
  2. Download ibis Paint X for PC

Step 1 – Install Bluestacks

To download ibis Paint X on a PC, you must first install an emulator. In this case, we will use the most famous and well-known Bluestacks on the market.

Bluestacks is an Android system emulator that allows us to install Android games and applications on our computer, as if we are running it on a mobile phone.

Step 2 – Download ibis Paint X for PC

  1. Install and open Bluestacks.
  2. At the top right you will find a search box. Write there Ibis X paint and click to search.
  3. The same emulator will take you to Google Play. There you have to click on the ibis Paint X icon.
  4. Once opened, click where indicated To install.
  5. Ready! Once the installation is complete, you can open it and enjoy ibis Paint X on your computer.

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