Download MakeupPlus FREE – For Android and iPhone (Update)

If you are looking for information or want to download MakeUp Plus for iPhone, Android or APK version, you have come to the right place.

This app is ideal for virtual makeup and beauty cosmetics. From lipstick, contour and lashes, to eyebrows and your hair color, faux freckles and shine. Find your ideal look for the perfect selfie!

What is MakeUp Plus

MakeUp Plus is an app for mobile devices that uses technology to touch up the selfies you take. It is intended to provide a fashion magazine-level retouching finish, with the option that after retouching your photos, you can directly order the cosmetics you have used.

This app works with different brands, among which you can find: Lime Crime, Pai Pai, Sugar Pill, Maybelline, Vogue, Lunatick, to name a few, which is sure to find the perfect makeup for you. This way you can look fabulous anytime you want.

Functions and Features

This application has a large number of filters and effects, among which some features also stand out. We list the most relevant here:

  • Glam: It is an augmented reality tool with which users have the option of using filters to transform them into animals such as cute and sultry cats or a futuristic femme fatale.
  • Hairstyles and haircuts: This option allows you to change the color of your hair, you can use fancy colors like a rainbow, to more subtle colors. You have the option of using the preloaded ones or playing with the contrasts.
  • Touching up: We’re talking about a MakeUpPlus feature that lets you try out what they claim to be professional makeup styles, created by designer stylists and experts in the field. With this feature, the development group is betting that you will be able to find the perfect look for you and that you can give yourself the change you want.
  • Beauty guide: The app periodically offers you content in the form of video tutorials so that you can use the commercial material you purchase.
  • MakeUp Plus community: After you succeed to look gorgeous, surely you will like to share your result, this function is for users to share their product experiences, fashion tips and fashion preferences.

How to download MakeUp Plus

This app has versions for operating systems of Android and ios. So you will have virtually no problem installing it. Here are the instructions for downloading it on the different platforms.

Download MakeUp Plus for Android

If you want download MakeUp Plus for Android then we will leave you a link to google play.

Download MakeUp Plus APK

If you want to download MakeUp Plus APK, you can do so.

Download for iOS

As expected, the distribution of this application is also done via iOS, the minimum version needed to install this application is the operating system 8.0. So you can use it in your iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch.

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