Download MOLDIV – Multifunction Frame / Collage / Photo Magazine Editor

This time I want to tell you about an app whose main goal is to help you create selfies or photographs, to make them look fabulous, this is MOLDIV by JellyBus an image editor that you can download easily and at no cost.

What is MOLDIV

MOLDIV by JellyBus is an application for mobile phones and tablets used to edit photos and images, in this application you will find several ways to edit, correct and modify parts of your photos, its use is very simple and intuitive because it is designed so that people who are not completely familiar with these types of tools, but that does not mean that it is a simple or limited application, since thanks to its wide range of gadgets, you will have endless options to beautify your photos and get amazing results.

Functions and Features

It is true that there are many options to choose from if they are apps for editing photos, but on the other hand, each of them has different qualities which in turn makes them different. others, that is why I will mention the functions below, the functionalities and tools that MOLDIV has and which make it stand out as a great selfie app.

Beauty camera– Choose from one of the many beauty filters that have been exclusively designed to enhance the look of selfies.

Special filters: with 180 different types of filters that will help you in your photographs, ranging from black and white filters to the so popular vintage tones.

Create fun collages: gather in one image all your memories of an event, or a special day, there are several models with which you can make collages in seconds, this tool allows you to put up to 9 photos in one picture.

Editing topics: Create funny montages in the style of magazine covers, you can choose from a wide variety of themes such as: posters, posters and themed albums.

Phrases for pictures: Add text to your photos and give it an original touch by capturing your thoughts in your photos.

How to download MOLDIV

For everyone’s fortune MOLDIV is a free application It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store, which means it is available for most users.

Download for Android

If you have Android version 4.0 or later, you will have no problem downloading this app on your device, you just need to enter the Google Play Store and from there you need to search for the title “MOLDIV”, select the first of the results and click on Click on the “Install” button, then you just have to wait for the application to complete the installation and that’s it. Below is the direct link to the application.


It is also possible to install MOLDIV on your Android via APK file, you need to download said file first, using the following link, then you need to install it manually using the installer of the android application.

Download APK

Download for iOS

If instead you have an iPhone or iPad, you can also download this application on your devices, for that you must enter the App Store and search for “MOLDIV”, select the “Install” option then wait for the end of the installation process. full. WHERE you can directly access the application from your iPhone or iPad using the following link.

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