“Download pending” on Play Store: how to fix it

During the To download from an Android game or application, you have encountered the annoying error commonly known as “Pending downloads“? I immediately inform you that this is not a minor problem, the causes of which are quite generic. When this problem occurs, in fact, it has some sort of traffic jam when downloading new applications or updating those already installed on your smartphone.

However, as with any problem, there are also several solutions, which will resolve the error and allow you to install or update your apps. We are coming from we have decided to put together all the strategies to be adopted in order to resolve the fatal “Download pending” error on the Google Play Store.

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Check the smartphone connection

A first problem, commonplace, surely concerns that of Internet connection smartphone. How many times, in fact, can it happen by mistake to turn off the data connection or forget to turn it on once you leave the house? It is always a good idea, in fact, to check the data connection whenever there is a problem with downloading or loading pages on the web, in order to fix the root problem and avoid unnecessary hassle. .

Restart the smartphone

Sometimes the classic “intermittent” tactic can work. In this particular case, indeed, there may be some stuck processes or other types of issues which can be easily resolved with a proper restart of the device. When the smartphone is turned on, if everything worked correctly, the message “Download pending” should no longer appear on the Google Play Store.

It may be useful, if you do not have to resolve the problem by following the instructions provided above, to resort to android safe mode.

Check the storage space of the smartphone

Another common problem with pending downloads from the Google Play Store could be with the internal memory of the smartphone. In fact, when it does storage space is “full”, any attempt to download or install applications will be in vain, as they are blocked by the operating system.

For this reason, it is very useful to check the internal memory of the smartphone to check for a possible critical condition and to proceed to a cleaning.

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Check the Google Play Store settings

The “Download pending” error can be caused by a ‘bad configuration from the Google Play Store, especially the way apps are downloaded.

  • Start Google play store
  • Tap your icon Account
  • Go on about Settings> Network preferences
  • At this point, be sure to select On any network within the section App download preference
Google Play Store Settings

Now all you have to do is go to the screen of the app you are interested in and try to start the download manually.

Clear data and cache from Google Play Store and other apps

If the above methods don’t work, it may be worth trying clear data and cache of certain Google applications. The following procedure may vary depending on the smartphone used, but in general it will suffice to follow our instructions to complete the operations to be carried out.

  • Open the Settings from your smartphone
  • Go on about Application> Manage applications
  • Locate the Google play store and press it
  • Then press Suppress data (located at the bottom right) and at the top Uninstall updates (placed at the bottom center)

Repeat for apps Google Play Services, Google Framework Services and Android System WebWiev.

delete data from the Google app
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