Download Sticker Maker for PC FREE! [2021 ]

If you want to make stickers for WhatsApp, you need to install Sticker Maker on your mobile device. It’s a fairly simple app that will allow us to create sticker packages for use in apps like WhatsApp. Doing it is extremely simple and won’t take you a long time. Just give a name to the package we are going to create, choose an image for the icon, then we can add all the stickers we want. The operation of the app is extremely simple and anyone can create their own stickers to add to the app.

What we will need to do to be able to add new stickers to our package is choose the image we want to add. Then, you will have to cut it with your fingertips and see the result. If we are satisfied with it, we proceed to save it. The limit of stickers we can add is thirty. Therefore, Sticker Maker is a very interesting app with which we can make different sticker packages that we will use in WhatsApp, you can get creative and put all your friends as stickers, a great way to make a good joke.

Installation instructions
  1. Install Bluestack
  2. Download Sticker Maker for PC

Step 1 – Install Bluestacks

To download Sticker Maker on a PC you must first install an emulator. In this case, we will use the most famous and well-known Bluestacks on the market.

Bluestacks is an Android system emulator that allows us to install Android games and applications on our computer, as if we are running it on a mobile phone.

Step 2 – Download Sticker Maker for PC

  1. Install and open Bluestacks.
  2. At the top right you will find a search box. Write there Sticker maker and click to search.
  3. The same emulator will bring you to Google Play. There you have to click on the Sticker Maker icon.
  4. Once opened, click where indicated To install.
  5. Ready! Once the installation is complete, you can open it and enjoy Sticker Maker on your computer.

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