Download Voloco for PC FREE! [2021 ]

For those who want to start in the world of music, Voloco is an ideal and totally necessary application, because we can process the voice in real time. It includes automatic adjustment and also height change. It is an application that will allow us to improve the quality of our voice, a kind of “Auto tune” with which we can sing like professionals. Voloco has a free version which offers us four effects, very different from each other. With these, you can create unique themes. One of the most interesting functions is the “Backing Track” where we can add a background song to keep the beat, although we do have to have headphones.

When we have finished recording, we can save the file to our mobile device and listen to it. If we are happy with the result, we can share it in any other app we want. Otherwise, we delete it and re-record the song in question. This app is a very interesting way to have fun singing and get extremely positive results. The downloaded files will be saved in MP4 format which is universally accepted by applications and devices of all kinds. So you will have no problem sharing your audio.

Installation instructions
  1. Install Bluestack
  2. Download Voloco for PC

Step 1 – Install Bluestacks

To download Voloco on a PC you must first install an emulator. In this case, we will use the most famous and well-known Bluestacks on the market.

Bluestacks is an Android system emulator that allows us to install Android games and applications on our computer, as if we are running it on a mobile phone.

Step 2 – Download Voloco for PC

  1. Install and open Bluestacks.
  2. At the top right you will find a search box. Write there Voloco and click to search.
  3. The same emulator will take you to Google Play. There you have to click on the Voloco icon.
  4. Once opened, click where indicated To install.
  5. Ready! Once the installation is complete, you can open it and enjoy Voloco on your computer.

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