Dr. Disrespect opens development studio with Call of Duty and Halo veterans

Guy Beahm, also known as Dr disrespectjust launched a new triple A development studio. After a brief stint as a designer at Sledgehammer Games, the popular streamer decided to found his own software house with the aim of creating the best PvP multiplayer experiences the world has never seen”. In this venture, Beahm is joined by two gaming industry veterans from successful franchises such as call of Duty And Halo.

Midnight Society: The team that will redefine multiplayer gaming

As stated on the company’s official website, midnight society it will be a different software house from others. The studio co-founded by the irreverent Dr. Disrespect will offer an innovative business model, the one that Guy Beahm and his associates have renamed ‘Zero Day Community’.

Simply put, the development team will involve actors from the early stages of production with a new title. “There will be no ‘I hope this game is good’. Be there when your voice can really have an impact because we want to hear it”. The company recruiting and is looking for programmers, designers, artists and community managers who will all work remotely.

About the first game developed by midnight societywill be a competitive multiplayer title having an online component and based on Unreal Engine 5.

No other details on the nature of the project have been revealed, but the CVs of some members of the studio could offer us valuable clues. To carry out this ambitious project, Beahm involved two people who have some experience when it comes to multiplayer games and, in particular, the genre shooter. Let’s talk about the co-founders Robert Bowling And Quinn Del Hoyo: The first worked on the series call of Duty occupying the role of Creative Strategist at Infinity Ward, while DelHoyo, ex-343 Industries, designed the multiplayer sector of Halo 5: Guardians.

Prior to founding Midnight Society, Beahm himself worked in the video game business, helping to create a triple-A game. As Sledgehammer Games’ level designer, in fact, Dr Disrespect designed some of the most iconic maps in SKU: Advanced Warfare.

midnight society

“As a lifelong gamer, streamer, and former game developer, I often dreamed of creating awesome titles that entire communities could follow from day one”said Guy Beahm. The Midnight Society co-founder explains that he wants challenge the traditional editorial model – based on the ‘one-and-done’ formula – e reward all fans and influencers that will contribute to the success of future games from the software house.