Dragon’s Cave Game comes out of the Brazilian

Your wait for a Dragon Cave game is over! Learn more about the Brazilian ZVitor idea and guarantee your copy for free

You who have seen the cartoon on TV Globo, you would definitely want to try a game of dragon cave, Right? Thinking of providing this, a Brazilian developed an 8-style game bit for all fans of the franchise.

Best of all, you can download it for free to your computer, Android smartphone or Mac device. Learn more about the idea of ZVitor and get your free copy of the Dragon’s Cave game now!

The success of the Dragon’s Cave

Being part of the daily life of so many people, nowadays it is difficult to find a person who has not seen at least one episode of Dungeons & Dragons. Animation, launched in Brazil as dragon cave, showed the adventure of six teenagers trying to return to the world we live in and it was a real success.

And did you know that Dragon Cave’s design idea was born after the success of the board game and book series of the same name? That is, it is derived from Dungeons and Dragons.

Although most people remember the show when it was shown by TV Globinho, know that it came to the lands of Tupinikim in 1986, from the Xou da Xuxa program. Before then, between 1983 and 1985, the animation was broadcast on the American channel CBS. After all, it took some time to really get to know the End of the Dragon’s Cave. In fact, this too was produced by fans and went viral on the internet.

Animation of Dungeons & Dragons
Do you remember when we followed the adventure of these six young people?

And, knowing all this, let’s move on to the fact that a Brazilian has launched a game in honor of this true milestone of our adolescence. The developer ZVitor chose to develop his own version of the Dragon’s Cave Game. This was done in style beaten, where you have to defeat all the opponents that appear on the screen. Watch the trailer:

All the characters who participated in our childhood are playable, so you don’t have to worry. get ready to take over Skein, Bobby, sheila, soon, Diana or Eric. But if you’ve missed a character, there are bonus levels you can play with Sir John, Uni and other secret characters. Are they: Bruenor, strong heart And Warduca.

This wasn’t the first Dragon’s Cave game

At the peak of the program’s success, CAPCOM even released two games of dragon cave. Both are present in the collection Dungeons & Dragons: Mystara Chronicles, which can be found easily on the Internet.

An important point is that the style of play was also used here beaten. The player has to take action to finish off all the enemies and move on to the next level. At the time, this was released for arcade machines, which, like the design of dragon cave, were part of our childhood. Watch the advertising trailer:

But there are new features in this version. Now adapted to current technologies, it features Dragon Cave’s online multiplayer, smoother gameplay, bonus modes, and even a soundtrack for those who miss the franchise.

How do I download my free copy of the game developed in Brazil?

First, you need access the project page and, of course, the choice of operating system. As we said, the game of dragon cave developed by Brazilian is available for Windows, Mac and Android. There are versions in English and Brazilian Portuguese.

After clicking on the OS icon of the device you own, the download will start automatically. Not having franchised distribution rights, the developer ZVitor cannot charge any fees for each copy. But to support the work, you can make a voluntary donation.

Once the file is on your computer, open it and follow the installation steps. It is important to remember that this version of the Dragon’s Cave game can also be played in cooperative mode, but only locally. If you have any doubts, ZVitor has also developed a manual to explain each part of the game so you can make the most of it.

Dragon Cave game manual
The developer provides a comprehensive manual for you to enjoy the Dragon’s Cave game to the fullest. Source: ZVitor

The same professional who developed this version has also done the same with other famous franchises, such as Avengers, Justice League and even Street Fighter. Discover all the works by accessing the official ZVitor website.

And tell us after the test: what do you think about the game dragon cave?

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