Driving license renewal? Virtual reality will decide. The project in South Korea

Korea National Police Agency (KNPA) continues to call for new evaluation criteria for Renewal of senior license. As he reports
Yonahap Newsa three-year research project that will use virtual reality (VR) decree whether drivers over 65 years they can continue to drive. They got involved in the project 3.6 billion Korean won (about 2.6 million euros).

In Korea, license renewal measures are applied in two ways:

  • Three-year renewal of the driver’s license for people aged 75 or over.
  • Voluntary surrender of driver’s license for people over 65.


The reasons for the pressure exerted by the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) to update the evaluation criteria are related to certain data on accidents attributed to the elderly and the aging Korean population. According to data collected by the police:

  • The number of road accidents caused by drivers over 65 1.86 times higher compared to those aged 30.
  • The number of induced deaths caused by the elderly 2.75highest among all age groups.
  • With the rapidly changing population, the number of older people with driving licenses increased by 300% (from 1 million to 3 million) between 2008 and 2018.

The virtual reality test Will assess driving skillscognitive and memory using a VR headset. Thanks to this technology, experts will be able to assess driving performance in different conditions such as simulations in diurnal and nocturnal on the highway. The detailed specification of how KNPA will use this virtual reality technology have not yet been disclosed.

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