Dropbox launches (finally) the first beta version for Mac with M1 processor. Which apps are still missing?

Dropbox optimized for Apple Silicon M1 processors is finally out of the company in beta. This is the very first simplified version that Dropbox has released in over a year since the arrival of processor-based Macs. Apple’s ARM M1. The company had initially decided not to publish the version created specifically for the CPU made in Cupertino but it was possible to use Dropbox only via Rosette2the emulator that Apple created especially for the transition from Intel processors to in-house M1 processors.

Dropbox: finally the app optimized for Silicon M1

Choose not to upgrade drop box had created several disagreements with client users and moved to new Macs with M1. Really many customers had literally overwhelmed the CEO of Dropbox asking for an explanation of the reasons for this incredible delay in the development of an ad hoc version for Apple’s M1s. The same had reiterated that a client version of Dropbox was expected to arrive in the first half of 2022 (a year and a half after the entry of the Mac market in the M1).

Really Dropbox initially said it wouldn’t develop any version for Mac with M1 that is, a version optimized for Apple’s new ARM Silicon processors, he probably didn’t believe in the total transition of Apple machines to these new, still unknown processors. A few months later, however, the company changed its mind and had to admit that it would have been better to create an ad hoc version for these processors and that even the development process would have become paramount for the Dropbox team.

As mentioned current version of Dropbox for Mac with M1 works exclusively on Rosetta2 without too many problems but it is clear that having a version optimized for the new ARM processors from Apple would be something else entirely. The first Beta for M1 is therefore now official and can be downloaded directly from THIS ADDRESS to then be installed on your Mac.

There is now a veritable avalanche of applications and software that companies have already updated to Apple Silicon M1. In this site it is possible to have the list of all the most important software which we usually use in everyday life and which refers to the fact that they are optimized for Apple Silicon processors or that they always work on Rosetta2. The list of applications that have not yet been developed ad hoc for Apple Silicon M1 was not only there drop box but among the best known there is WhatsApp (in the desktop client), then Logitech but also Skype it is always Microsoft Teams.