Duferco D-Mobility, the apartment at astronomical prices even anticipates increases in consumption. Here are the new prices

Yesterday, many electric car owners were bitterly surprised by the letter from Duferco Energia, which communicated a substantial increase in the costs of its public column charging package. The D-Mobility apartment offer was very popular due to the advantageous price it offered, corresponding to around 0.20 euro per kWh, rising even today to 0.65 euro per kWh.

It would seem that this decision was only a way of pushing many users to terminate their subscription, following the rules of unilateral contractual change, because the consumption rate was paradoxically lower: 0.40 euro excluding tax.


However, the second (bad) surprise arrived today, with the change in the rate on consumption, already updated on the site and the application. The cost of using recharging without any subscription has increased to 0.65 cents for each kWh drawn, a price to which VAT must be added. This applies to fast AC or fast DC columns up to 50 kW of power, while for ultrafast DC it goes to 0.79 euros, more and more VAT.

At this stage, the cost of 0.64 euros per kWh dreaded by the apartment presented yesterday suddenly seems competitive. At the time of writing, Duferco’s main competitors (Enel X, Be Charge, NextCharge, etc.) still have significantly lower consumer prices, so it remains to be seen what their decision will be. Will they also have increases, due to the current cost of energy?