EA “very disappointed”: Battlefield 2042 could become free-to-play

Battlefield 2042 didn’t break the hearts of fans of the glorious shooter series, and a few months after its release, the situation hasn’t changed despite the efforts of the development team.

Battlefield 2042 played less than its predecessors: does EA want to go free to play?

Released to the public with several bugs and missing features, the shooter has been updated several times with various fixes, improvements and optimizations, but the dripping of users hasn’t stopped, so much so that Battlefield 1 Revolution and Battlefield V currently each have more users. on Steam. A flop so obvious that Electronic Arts would consider implementing totally different monetization strategies than those practiced today.

battlefield 2042

TO report the novelty was Tom Hendersonleaker who in the past has been reliable on the imminent news of the title: “EA seems very disappointed with the performance of Battlefield 2042 and is ‘reviewing all options’ regarding the title, including the possibility of somehow switching to the Free to Play model”. The backer also promised further details regarding the new strategy, which should arrive in the coming hours.

The news is only partly surprising because, as already mentioned, Battlefield 2042 continues to lose users week after week. Many players who dropped out may come back as soon as the game improves, but it’s no surprise that EA is considering engaging a new user base by making the new shooter free-to-play. In this case the question arises: how to do? Other indications could arrive in the day from Henderson himself.

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