Eaton announces new 5PX Gen2 UPS up to 3000 VA

eat presented the new range of UPS 5PX Gen2, designed to be used both in rack cabinets and in other contexts. With a small footprint and with powers up to 3 kVAthe new inverters are characterized by the presence of an LCD display and the possibility of installing a network card for remote control.

Eaton 5PX Gen2, the new UPS with remote controllable LCD screen

Eaton 5PX Gen2

The Eaton 5PX Gen2 are UPSs designed for use in data centers, but not only: their shape allows them to be used both in rack cabinets, thanks to the special rails, and with the special floor support. If you opt for the rack option, the different models offer different powers and different compatibilities: indeed, there are models from 1000 VA to 3000 VA (which can also be used as a tower), models from 2200 VA and 3000 VA in RT2U format optimized for rack mounting and RT3U optimized for shallow racks.

The power made available by the new inverter would be up to 11% more compared to that of other inverters according to the manufacturer, which also claims that the products are Energy Star 2.0 certified.

Eaton reports that the LCD display makes configuration easier and more intuitive, with an initial wizard to simplify commissioning. It’s possible prioritize connected devices, in order to ensure that essential services remain online for as long as possible (and ideally until the sector is restored). Power switching and disaster recovery can be managed with control of load segments, i.e. individual outlets.

The new Eaton 5PX Gen 2 UPSs are designed to be monitored remotely thanks to the possibility of installing a Gigabit network card, with which it is also possible to update the firmware of the devices and perform monitoring in the cloud.

Further information is available at company websitewhich has not publicly communicated the launch prices of the devices.