Elon Musk: In 2022, Tesla will give priority to the humanoid robot Optimus

At the time of the announcement of Robot Tesla, Elon Musk presented as a means of capitalizing on the progress made by You’re here in the domain of autonomous driving and ofartificial intelligence. The CEO also said that Tesla aims to have a prototype of the humanoid robot working by the end of 2022, but that certainly doesn’t seem like a priority for the company.

Optimus (and not Cybertruck) the next Tesla product to hit the market?

During the presentation of
financial results (with a record result for the company)Elon Musk not only reiterated the importance of this project, but also hinted that gained priority over other products in development. “In terms of product priorities, I think the most important product development work this year is the Optimus humanoid robot” were his words.

Robot Tesla

Product development refers to the entire process that leads to the marketing of a product. Until today, the next product launched by Tesla on the market was to be Tesla Cybertruck, but the electric pickup was again delayed. Musk also reiterated that Tesla’s next robot can help solve the problem of labor shortage.

With these words, Musk confirms what some observers had anticipated, namely that one of Tesla’s goals with this project is to be able to find talent in the development of AI solutions, which many Silicon Valley tech companies are looking for. The CEO of the company also added that Tesla Bots will initially be used in company factoriesindicating that “if we can’t find ways to use them, we shouldn’t expect others to do so”.

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