EOLO supports: new jobs in Lombardy, Trentino, Abruzzo and Tuscany

EOLUS continues to grow, not only from a technological point of view but also from a professional point of view. If on the one hand you are aiming to launch 300 Mbps FWA connectivity services over 5G technologyon the other they opened almost a about thirty jobs throughout the territory. The experiences required are different and mainly concern, in addition to headquarters of Busto Arsizio, the regions of Abruzzo, Trentino and Tuscany.

eolo sede1 17 12 2021

The skills required are varied and include from more traditional roles to more innovative characters such as, for example, the figure of the network implementation specialist, whose task is to ensure the execution of implementation and maintenance activities in his own territory, guaranteeing the defined quality, in compliance deadlines and costs, or the NOC specialist, who will work with all the technologies used (radio and optical), having the responsibility of monitoring and guaranteeing the proper functioning of all the devices installed.

eolo sede2 17 12 2021

However, the company’s recruitment activity does not stop at these figures and includes the following locations:

  • Customer loyalty: 3 positions in the Busto Arsizio office
  • Network implementation specialist in Abruzzo and Trentino: 1 position for Abruzzo and 1 for Trentino
  • Sales Support Officer: 1 positions in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Demand IT: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Data Management Specialist: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Network Planning Manager: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Project manager: 2 positions in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • NOC Specialist: 2 positions in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • IT Operations Manager: 1 position in the Busto Arsizio office
  • Customer Process Design: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Customer Base Marketing Expert: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Tuscan installer trainer: 1 position
  • Technical assistance: 3 positions in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Customer service: 3 positions at the Busto Arsizio headquarters
  • HR Payroll Internship: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Talent Acquisition: 2 positions in Busto Arsizio’s office
  • Installer technical assistance internship: 1 position on the Busto Arsizio site
  • Junior Buyer: 1 position in Busto Arsizio’s office

EOLO also announces that it has recently concluded the selections in Puglia which have led to the formation of a team of 7 people who carry out telesales and upselling activities, with particular reference to the province of Taranto. Currently, these resources carry out their activities in full smart work mode, assisted daily by the continuous virtual support of EOLO team leaders.

daniela daverio coo eolo 17 12 2021
Daniela Daverio, COO of EOLO

“For us at EOLO, innovating also means being able to count on a competent team united by the desire to do well, in an ever new and attentive way to meet the needs of the territories where we operate”, said Daniela Daverio, Chief Director of ‘Operation of EOLO . “for this reason that in the 6,800 municipalities where EOLO is present, not only do we guarantee a cutting-edge service, but we want it to be supported by specialized figures that allow us to offer our users an optimal service. We are delighted to collaborate with the best professionals in the sector and to be able to further expand our family, offering stimulating growth opportunities.”

All opportunities are currently visible on the company’s website this address or on the LinkedIn pageamong the open positions, although it must be said that not all of them appear at the time of writing this news.