Epic Games Store, 34 million new users in 2021: here are all the figures

epic games has widespread a few Epic Games Store growth stats in 2021 and anticipated some of the novelties that we will see during this year. The digital store that aims to challenge Steam by leaving more revenue to developers (88%) has gained 34 million new users in the last 12 monthsreaching a total of 194 millionincluding 31.1 million people working daily.

The peak of users logged in at the same time reached 13.2 million, just under half of Steam (about 29 million). In December, the monthly peak of users reached 62 million (+11%) over the past year.

epic games store stats 1 27 01 2022

Epic Games Store it now has 917 games, a number that has almost doubled compared to the previous year, for a turnover of approximately $840 million (+20% compared to 2020). Of these, more than 300 million are related to third-party titles (+12% over 2020), which means that more than 500 million dollars were spent on titles published by Epic Games itself (purchase of the game but also within it).

epic games store stats 2 27 01 2022

The company said it will continue to offer free games every week as a means of attracting new users. Not only, Epic is working on improving the client and accepting numerous requests from its customers: we are talking about a renewed download section with the possibility of managing priorities and queues, but also of interventions on the library, with new filtering and organization of titles, in addition to the ability to view the library outside of the launcher.

epic games store stats 3 27 01 2022

In 2021, Epic introduced user profile updates, including the addition of achievements and a shopping cart. In 2022 the profiles will be further enriched with information on game time, achievements and more. Currently in closed beta, the store’s developer self-editing tools are also expected to come to final release later this year.