Equinix is ​​also expanding its Network Edge services to Italy

Based on the results published by the Global Technology Trends Survey 2020-21 Of equinixthe 45% Italian IT managers said it accelerated digital transformation plans due to the pandemic, while the 42% confirmed that its budgets have been increased to meet growing digital demands. the 56% of respondents declared that the health emergency forced them to review their IT strategy, while 67% said they bet on technology to better face the post-pandemic period. For this reason, companies increasingly need agile and scalable networks.

Equinix gives enterprises the ability to deploy their own Network Edge services without additional hardware expense

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of bringing data closer to the user, as businesses and workers around the world have adapted to a hybrid workplace. Meet the growing application needs, with Nopeworking edge you can benefit from numerous advantages and realize significant savings in time and money. equinixa digital infrastructure company, has extended its Network Edge services to five new European markets including Milan, Paris, Helsinki, Dublin and Stockholm. With a solution of this type, any company can establish its (virtual) presence even in markets where it was absent, as well as process data closer to the end user without the need for a physical implementation within a data center. By expanding the Network Edge offering in five key markets, Equinix offers businesses the ability to deploy and expand their services even into new European countries without additional hardware expenditures.

Emmanuel Becker, Managing Director of Equinix in Italy, said: “The launch of Network Edge in Italy represents a major step forward in the application experience for users wherever they are. Platform Equinix continues to evolve and Network Edge allows us to help businesses rapidly scale the single-tier infrastructure and distribute it to the edge. Leveraging Equinix Fabric, our customers in Italy will be able to benefit from implementing Network Edge, one of the largest interconnection ecosystems in the world, and thus access our platform without any hardware investment”.

Network Edge is available worldwide, specifically in more than 25 markets. In the EMEA region, it was already present in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain: it is now also present in Italy, Ireland, Finland, France and Sweden. From a technical point of view, Network Edge allows real-time selection, configuration and connection of network and security devices from all major global vendors: Cisco, Juniper Networks and Palo Alto. In addition, the solution is fully integrated with Equinix fabric: these new services will provide businesses across Europe with the ability to scale their businesses based on different digital demands.

Network Edge services can be used in cloud-to-cloud routing (virtual routers can route data with ultra-low latency) or in migration from one cloud to another (a private connection is created allowing for more efficient data transfer, whether backups, migrations or of analyses). And that’s not all: the Network Edge can actually be used to implement virtual cloud firewalls or as a branch-to-cloud SD-WAN to create hubs for interconnecting with the Equinix platform.