Eternals: actor Barry Keoghan hospitalized after a robbery in Ireland

Barry Keoghan, actor of eternal, was hospitalized after being the victim of a robbery in the city of Galway, located in Ireland. The incident occurred on August 15, after employees of the hotel where Keoghan was staying found the actor with several injuries to his face.

According to the newspaper sunday world, the local team immediately called an ambulance and Keoghan was referred to Galway University Hospital. The actor’s medical treatment included dressing the wounds on his body and face. He was assisted and was soon released to return to his hotel.

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Again according to the sunday world, the municipal police were unable to make any arrests or find a suspect who might be involved in the crime. Allegedly, Keoghan was in town to shoot some filming of Inisheer’s Banshees, new film by director Martin McDonagh, when he was attacked on the street.

Although the case was reported by several vehicles, the actor and his representatives decided to keep the case secret and not to comment on the incident.

Barry Keoghan: Discover the actor who will star in Eternals

Barry Keoghan is known for his role in various audiovisual productions and for being one of the ambassadors of the famous luxury brand Dior. The actor is featured in the cast of eternal, the next Marvel movie that will premiere in November 2021.

Since his childhood, Keoghan has been involved in acting. His first starring role was through Irish film Love + hate, in which the actor played a terrible cat killer.

From there, it was cast in several casts, such as Sacrifice of the Sacred Deer, American animals, Calm down with horses And The Green Knight.

Recently, it was also announced that the actor will be featured in the attendant, the next DC Comics film, which brings the character of Stanley Merkel to life. The film is scheduled for release in 2022.

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