Even Geely is betting big on battery swapping: the Maple Leaf 60S has been unveiled

Recently, we often talk about battery swapor battery swap in English, a new concept for the world of mobility, and highlighted by consolidated realities such as NIOfor cars, or how galorefor electric scooters.

Particularly in China and Asia, it is thought that this technique could represent a valid alternative to charging stationsand now the support of a colossus like Geely. The house, which owns brands such as Volvo or Polestar, as well as the two-wheel specialist Lifancreated a joint venture, the first product of which will actually focus on battery swapping.

Maple Leaf 60S

Preview image reveals resemblance to the Emgrand GL

Although the official presentation is scheduled for the month of February, some images and technical characteristics of the have leaked online Maple Leaf 60S, which anticipate the fundamental characteristics of the car. It’s a sedan that has a lot in common with the Geely Emgrand GL, so much so that it looks identical, with only a few changes to the air intakes, and obviously to the floor. We will find one removable batteryalmost certainly from below, and the car’s name anticipates what Geely will promise at launch: a swap procedure with a charged battery in just 60 seconds.

Maple Leaf 60S

The trading post might look like this

Incredible time, considering that the excellent NIO system only takes a handful of minutes, which already felt like a record. But above all this novelty would suggest that all the cars produced by Geely, therefore the various Volvos, Polestars, Zeekr, Lynk&Co or Lotus, could have the swap technology with few modifications to the assembly line.