EVGA E1, the extremely open PC that relies on carbon fiber

Not all PCs are created equal and the new EVGA-E1 clearly aims to stand out. Designed for Enthusiasts (will be produced in very limited quantities and offered only to members of the EVGA community), this new system is totally open and rests on a full 3K carbon fiber frame (a bundle consists of 3000 filaments). With a patent-pending independent suspension system comprised of steel cables, the enclosure that shapes the EVGA E1 is obviously very lightweight, we’re just talking about 1.25kg.

evga e1 pc case 28 01 2022

EVGA E1 provides extreme non-high-end hardware: we’re talking about a motherboard Z690 DARK K|NGP|Nan Intel processor Core i9-12900Ka video card K|NGP|No (looks like the RTX 3090 Ti planned yesterday), a Titanium power supply from 1600W with a 3K carbon fiber finish and a liquid sink closed loop system based on a 7th generation Asetek pump with head fitted with an LCD display.

There are also gods analog indicators to keep temperatures under control, while as far as I / O ports are concerned, there are two USB 3.0, one USB Type C and an audio jack for headphones and microphone. EVGA rounds it all out by providing a limited edition keychain, also with a carbon fiber finish.

It’s currently unknown how much the EVGA E1 will cost, but it’s undoubtedly several thousand dollars not only for the hardware, but also for the carbon fiber chassis. Who knows, maybe EVGA will also bring the standalone case to market, allowing a wider audience to build a PC out of the box.