EVGA RTX 3090 Ti Kingpin, here are the first photos of the most wanted by overclockers

The extreme overclocker Lucid “Kingpin” wins has published the first images (or if you prefer, the renderings) of the next top of the range EVGA Expansionthem RTX 3090 Ti K|NGP|No. Like the model based on the RTX 3090, we also have in this case a card characterized by a hybrid cooling systemwith a fan dedicated to cooling the PCB and the liquid solution concentrated by recovering the heat produced by the main chips (GPU and memory).

evga rtx 3090 ti kingpin 1 27 01 2022

One difference with the RTX 3090 concerns aesthetics, with the heatsink cover in black-silver compared to the previous “total black” look. Moreover, it seems that EVGA’s RTX 3090 Ti is equipped with the same LCD panel as the 3090 model, which is useful for real-time monitoring of various operating parameters.

In the images you can see the presence of three DisplayPort ports and one HDMI port. The card also has a connector NVLink, like the RTX 3090 (missing from the rest of the RTX 3000 line). Finally, note that there does not seem to be a configuration with three 8-pin power connectors, which suggests that this model could be equipped with the new 16-pin PCIe 5.0 connector expected in recent weeks, capable of carrying up to 600W . Previous rumors even indicated the presence of 2 16-pin connectors, but they should be taken with a grain of salt.

evga rtx 3090 ti kingpin 2 27 01 2022

As for Technical specificationswhile waiting to know the operating frequencies of this particular model, we know that the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti has a fully active GA102 GPU with 10752 CUDA cores, 336 Tensor cores and 84 RT cores, while the reference frequencies should be equal to 1560 MHz base and 1860 MHz boost. The RTX 3090 keeps you safe 24 GB of GDDR6X memory like the RTX 3090, but the chips are configured to 21 Gbps instead of 19.5 Gbps. The memory bus also remains at 384 bits for a memory bandwidth of 1008 GB/s.

We remind you that the RTX 3090 Ti, announced at CES 2022 earlier this month, was supposed to debut by the end of the month but, according to rumors, it has been pushed back to solve some hardware and software problems.