Exclusive: Lucid Air, first contact. It’s expensive, but it’s the absolute top

On the occasion of LEAP, the first ICT fair in Saudi Arabiawe had the opportunity to see it up close for the first time Lucid Air Dream Edition. It is an electric car with somewhat troubled origins, but which finally reached the production stage, also thanks to Arab capital, due to its presence at the event in the Middle East.

It goes without saying that the car stands out for its stylistic and technological solutions, but it could not be otherwise for a car that targets the luxury sedan segment, with a price of $169,000. The cost refers in particular to the Dream Edition, a first limited editionand produced in two variants: Performancewith 758 km of autonomy and 1,111 hp, o Intervalwith 837 km and 933 HP.

Lucid Air Dream Edition

All Dream Editions like the one you see in detail in our gallery have a glass roof, nappa leather and alcantara, with eucalyptus wood fittings. Obviously, the technology is not lacking, the instrumentation being made only with displays, DreamDrive assisted drivingand surround sound system with 21 speakers.

Unfortunately, the opportunity was not the best to discover the car serenely and in detail, but the levels of finishes clearly stand out from the photos. Also interesting is the image of the open trunk, with a mouth (criticized) similar to the Tesla Model 3, but with plenty of space, especially in depth, and a handle for the false bottom is also visible. For those who missed the “previous episodes”, Lucid’s father, an early designer of the Tesla Model Sand therefore knows how to make room on board.

For the occasion, it was not possible to carry out a test drive, but it is hoped that an event can also be organized soon for the European press, taking advantage of the proximity to Saudi Arabia.