Fiat Topolino, the Turin-based company ready to relaunch as a mini electric car

After the success of the small lemon friendwhich was followed by the Opel version, called Rocks-e, it seems that Fiat also intends to follow the path of electric quadricycles, dusting off a historic name for the Turin-based company. According to Automotive News, in fact, several brand dealers they would have already seen the Fiat Topolinoyet another incarnation of the small urban vehicle.

The Stellantis Group is certainly riding on the success of this atypical car, producing special versions and using it as a means of styling experimentation, as we have also seen with the My AMI Buggy concept. In the case of Fiat, it would use a name that was used precisely for a city car.

Fiat Topolino

The hypothetical Mickey Mouse would not be a simple rebranded AMI, but would be embellished with more elegant details, which in some cases would recall the design of the 500as well as the fabric sunroof, a real novelty for Stellantis quadricycles.

If the project really comes to fruition, the focus on price is sure to remain, with the AMI famous for being “the electric car cheaper than a smartphone“, with the offer of 19.90 euros per month. Also for this reason it seems that an increase in production is expected, in the Moroccan factory of Kenitra, where the original and the twins are born. For this reason, Stellantis is preparing to go from 20,000 units this year, to about double for the next. The characteristics would obviously remain unchanged, with a 6 kW motor and a 5.5 kWh battery, sufficient for 75 km of autonomy.