First case of serious accident with Autopilot: Tesla owner charged with homicide while driving a vehicle

Whose fault is it in case of accident with a system of assisted driving enabled? According to California prosecutors, exclusively from the driver, as they filed two charges of traffic homicide against the driver of a You’re herewith Automatic pilot active, who ran a red light, crashed into another car and killed two people, in 2019.

probably the first case of a particularly serious accident, involving a car with an active driver assistance system, which has already been noted by the American safety body, NHTSA, which has been investigating for some time the question.

Tesla Model S accident

The incident, which happened in 2019, is in the news again precisely because investigations culminated in final charges being laid last October, and the documents recently falling into the public domain. Kevin George Aziz Riad, a 27-year-old driver, was driving his Tesla Model S with Autopilot mode activated when, go through a red lightviolently struck a Honda Civic, whose occupants, spouses, died on the spot.

The accusation against Riyadh is particularly serious since in 2019 Tesla cars still did not have the possibility of stopping autonomously at red lights, and therefore the responsibility rests exclusively with the driver, however warned by the system to remain alert and ready to intervene. It is therefore difficult for defense lawyers to try to play the Autopilot card, on the other hand. blame the maker. Prosecutors also seem to agree that in fact the indictment does not mention the driver assistance system at all, but treats the accident as having occurred with normal driving.