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Supply burner He has been announcing it for a few months. At July 2021 will enter “maintenance” mode to improve its infrastructure. Existing feeds will continue to operate 24/7 and users will be able to download past email subscriptions and usage statistics.

Users will still be able to create new accounts and record new feeds.
Basic feed management features will continue to be supported, such as the ability to edit your feed URL, source feed, title, and podcast metadata. However, some existing functions, such as email subscriptions and detailed scans will stop working.

If you want to continue using email subscriptions after the June transition, you will need to download email subscriber data to migrate to a new service. This data will also be available for download after July 2021.

One of the services to consider is follow it which presents itself as a platform for tracking websites with feeds created based on user needs and multiple delivery channel options.

Functions and costs

Have a plan basic free regardless of the number of readers of your blog.

This plan offers the following essential characteristics:

● when publishing a new article, your subscribers will receive the update automatically. This tool offers multi-channel delivery to maximize the chances that subscribers will open your messages.


● a filters in streams so that your subscribers only receive messages containing certain selected tags, keywords or authors.


● access to statistics. This plan allows you to make a historical data tracking a month.

He also has the plans Costs and very cool which add more features such as redirects, allow you to save your feeds in the directory of follow it for more visibility, personalization of email fields, addition of your own logo, follow-up with Google analytics And a long etc.

More information: Features and prices

How it works?


● the next step is to configure the tracking options on your website (subscription form, icons, etc.).

● The tool will automatically notify your users whenever you post a new story.

How can I switch from Feedburner to

RSS and Feedburner redirect alternative

Take a look at the TecnoBlog news page and click on “Follow”. You will be able to see the different functions that the blog offers to readers: they can decide to filter the feed to receive only selected news (avoid information overload).

RSS and Feedburner redirect alternative