From TECHly a mini keyboard with freestanding keys and reduced travel, for less than 30 euros

If you are looking for one Compact and thin keyboard, light and quietTECHly offers in its catalog the Mini universal USB keyboardfeaturing an ultra-thin body in 78-key format.

Mini universal USB keyboard

It is a very interesting product for those who intend to spend little and do not want to compromise too much on quality. We have tried it these days to write more or less long texts and we will tell you how it is.

TECHly universal mini USB keyboard

The one that immediately jumps out once TECHly keyboard from its original box, the extremely compact form factor. It is not only thanks to the dimensions, equal to 285.6 x 120.6 x 21.2 mm, but also to the only 2.1 mm key stroke.

Mini universal USB keyboard

The company claims that the 78 keys of the TECHly mini keyboard are made of a newly developed ABS material, guaranteeing a lifespan of over 3 million keystrokes. The edges of the keyboard and the keys have a rounded design to guarantee comfortable use for the user, which never comes into contact with sharp edges, and the island format chosen for the individual keys is decidedly efficient, guaranteeing the writing any type of text without encountering typos.

Mini universal USB keyboard

Despite the particularly low cost of TECHly mini keyboard, the user experience in our opinion of an excellent level. The short key travel mixed with the island format allows you to type for long periods of time not only efficiently, but also without straining your typing fingers and wrists too much. The materials aren’t top-notch, given that the frame and keys are both plastic, but typing goes smoothly or crackles, with a really contained noise produced, and we’ve never experienced any sag or bending of any kind.

Mini universal USB keyboard

In an extremely compact space, TECHly has managed to fit not only all the main keys in full size, but also the function keys and the arrow keys. Don’t miss the Fn keyicing on the cake of this model according to us, which allows access to shortcuts to control multimedia playback and manage the volume, while offering the possibility of using the PgUp, PgDn, Home, End keys.

There TECHly universal mini USB keyboard it is aimed at any type of user and can be used on laptops, desktops, tablets or even smartphones via the USB connector. In our opinion, the price is very advantageous, compared to the quality of the keyboard and the writing experience it offers: 11:40 p.m. if purchased from the Manhattan Shop website with shipping from just over 5.

Universal Mini USB Keyboard