Galaxy Premier, Google’s fourth phone is already on the way

Many months have passed since Google launched its latest smartphone in collaboration with Samsung, the Galaxy Nexus. And it seems that this year we will no longer see the presentation of a new smartphone the company. However, the first data on the next mobile from Mountain View have appeared. It would be manufactured by Samsung, and would bear the name Galaxy Prime. It will face rivals like the S3 itself or the iPhone 5.

Like the panorama, everything indicates that the new mobile device, fruit of the collaboration between Samsung and Google, would arrive next year, just before the end of this year 2012, since for the moment the details we have at his subject are extremely rare, although they have been heard of for some time. At the moment, one of the things that we know, and which can be very important, is the name. Its internal name is GT-I9260, but it will not be called Galaxy Nexus 2, Galaxy Premier would be the name chosen by the two companies to call their new jewel. This represents a before and after, as the Nexus name is dropped for Google devices. The intention with this name is to start taking a line in which the terminals are easily identifiable, and end up being a difficult combination of letters and numbers that no one knows or ultimately knows.

Known specs

Our colleague Android Help They are aware of what is happening with this new device. Apparently, the specifications known so far lead us to believe that it will be an interesting smartphone, both in terms of price and features. They are not going to compete with the top of the market, they prefer to stay in line with what is currently available. A high-definition screen, with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels is clear proof that they are not looking to innovate, but simply to offer a good device. Its eight-megapixel camera would complete the set of well-known multimedia features. Other than that, I’ll wear a souvenir 1 GB RAMsomething quite normal and common today, that’s why we say that it is very likely that they have sought to obtain a cheap team, although with good features, as they have made with the Google Nexus 7.

A somewhat curious processor

What doesn’t really suit us and we don’t really know where to take it is the processor. The first Galaxy Nexus featured a 1.2 GHz processor with ARM Cortex-A9 architecture. Supposedly, the new Galaxy Premier, or Galaxy Nexus 2, would pack an ARM 11 architecture processor. It’s really strange. This architecture was used for the processor of the first Android, or the first iPhone, for example, and today progress is being made towards Cortex-A15, which is the architecture of the A6 processor of the iPhone 5. It would be appropriate that that ARM 11 was actually an ARM Cortex-A11, although we have no news of the latter and that would be a novelty. In any case, we can only wait for more data to come out on the device.

a new strategy

The launch of new smartphones Google will signify a change of address in the strategy they had followed so far. A single company was in charge of manufacturing the device each year. However, this will change, apparently, in addition to Samsung, the rest of the companies interested in manufacturing one of them will be able to do so if they meet the requirements. From what we know, HTC, Sony and LG, In addition to Samsung, they will launch their own “Nexus” on the market. Google’s intention is that there are more devices controlled directly by them, with the quality they demand, and that they are also updated to the latest version of their operating system, without no manufacturer has been able to get their hands on.