Galaxy S22: recharges at only 25W while Plus and Ultra at 45W. No charger provided

One of
latest leaks leak before the official presentation of the next Samsung Galaxy S22 revealed a disappointing specification from the highly anticipated series. In detail, the future range of Samsung smartphones will support fast charging from 25W for the standard version while it reaches a maximum of 45W for the Plus and Ultra versions.


The S22 will achieve the same 25W of its Galaxy S21 predecessor and will require 70 minutes recharge your battery 3700mAh (300mAh smaller than the S21). The S22 Plus will be able to recharge its battery from 4500mAh in 60 minutes with the support of a 45W.

The new Galaxy S22 series will be officially presented on February 9, 2022and remember that they will not come with a chargerwhich must therefore be purchased separately.