General Motors wants to use hydrogen to charge electric cars. it’s like that

All major automakers are going electric, but there’s no doubt that high on the list of business and customer concerns is the future. charging network. Electric cars are rapidly moving up the sales charts, and for now the infrastructure is holding up and growing proportionately, but what will happen tomorrow with mass adoption?

If you also ask General Motorswhich parallels its ecosystem of electric vehicles Ultiumalso developing the project hydrotechwho basically has hydrogen. The Hydrotec modules were designed to power fuel cell vehicles, but GM also plans to use them in external, container-like blocks to generate electricity when needed.


Hydrotecs would therefore be implemented in the Empowersemi-permanent structures coupled with hydrogen tanks and fast columns for electric vehicles. The hydrogen would therefore be used to produce electricity on site, directly transferred to the charging stations, with a power from 60 to 600kW.

That said, it may seem like a complex and inefficient system, but Empowers would certainly not be used to replace normal installations. The idea of ​​exploiting them in service areas where the power grid does not have sufficient poweror for temporary installations in case of events or needs, much like it already happens today with the containers of diesel or aquafuel generators.


A similar use also foresees the positioning of Hydrotec modules on a trailer, taking the name of Mobile generator (abbreviated as MPG). The particularity would be precisely the simplicity of transport and travel, very useful for example in temporary military camps, or areas subject to emergency interventions.