Ghostwire Tokyo has a release date, today Sony will show gameplay on PS5

After Deathloop, Ghostwire Tokyo this will be the last storm exclusive PS5 (on console) produced by Bethesda Softworks. The American publisher, now in the hands of Microsoft, had promised to release the horrific adventure of The tango game works in the spring of 2022. After a bad reportthe spring launch was confirmed just hours ago following a leak.

For the occasion, Sony PlayStation has planned a new presentation dedicated to Ghostwire Tokyo where it will show the game in action on its latest generation console. The appointment set for tonightless than twenty-four hours since the last State of Play.

Ghostwire Tokyo Coming March 25 to PC and PlayStation 5

Over the past few days, the release date for Ghostwire Tokyo has been released. The preview was given by the editorial staff of Rock Paper Shotgun through a preview devoted to the title of Tango Gameworks. Up Reset we read that the article in question, presumably under embargo, had many details on the gameplay of the game and even some images taken from the single-player campaign. More importantly, it reads in the in-depth analysis the supposed launch date for PS5 and PC.

‘March 25, 2022’it’s the day chosen by Bethesda for Ghostwire Tokyo. The date has been confirmed a few hours ago of the same sonywhich took the opportunity to announce a new digital showcase in which it will show the horror title in action on PlayStation 5.

The presentation will take place today, Thursday, February 3, 11:00 p.m.. On YouTube there is a synopsis that introduces the public to the events of Ghostwire Tokyo: “In an instant, nearly the entire population of Tokyo disappears and paranormal ‘visitors’ from another world take to the streets. Like Akitoone of the last surviving humans, you have to associate with a spirit called KK put an end to the supernatural threat invading Tokyo”.

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We remember Ghostwire Tokyo will be available on PlayStation 5 and pc from March 25th. The game was first shown off at the Bethesda conference at E3 2019. Shinji Mikami“father” of the Resident Evil series and founder of Tango Gameworks, executive producer of the project, while Kenji Kimura takes on the role of director.