Google Chrome, emergency update for an already exploited flaw

Google released browser Chromium in version 96.0.4664.110 for Windows, Mac and Linux. The new version does not introduce new features, but it fixes one Zero-day vulnerabilitySO already exploited by the wickedand therefore very severe. “Google is aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2021-4102 is in the wild,” reads one. safety bulletin spread of society.

The navigator, as we know, it periodically updates automatically, but in these cases it’s best to take matters into your own hands immediately force the update, which is also very simple by going to the Chrome menu (the three dots at the top right) -> Help -> About Google Chrome. The browser checks for news and updates after a restart.

chrome falla 0 day 01 10 2021

The patched “zero day” flaw, identified as CVE-2021-4102, was reported to Google by an anonymous security researcher and originated from a Use-After-Free (UAF) Vulnerability in JavaScript Engine V8.

Exploits like these are common and allow attackers to execute arbitrary code, allowing the potential for theft of sensitive data. The bug fixed the seventeenth “zero day” of the year for Google Chromewhich teaches us that it is often preferable not only to immediately adopt the updates offered by the software, but also to be a little proactive, by personally checking the existence of updates for the programs that we use a lot .

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