Google ”forces” the shutdown of YouTube Vanced, the popular Android video app

YouTube Vanced app will be blocked and users will no longer be able to download it. End of line for one of the most downloaded applications of recent times. In this case, if you do not know, know that Advanced YouTube it allowed those who installed it on their Android smartphone to watch YouTube media content without any ads and without even needing to subscribe Google premium. In this case, by using it, the users would have seen the multimedia content without any interruption and without having to pay any subscription to the Mountain View company.

Google blocks YouTube Vanced app

Satisfied with users but much less with Google who sent the developers a Termination and Desist letter from YouTube Vanced. Hence the constraint to stop the distribution of the application but also its development. The creators of the app explained everything with a note:

Vanced has been discontinued. In the next few days, the site’s download links will be removed. We are aware that something you did not want to hear, but we have to. Thank you all for supporting us over the years.

YTVanced 1

The creators of Vanced have revealed that the project will therefore be closed in the coming days, with the download links removed from the site.The app will continue to work for all those who have already installed it on their Android smartphone, but it will not be updated in the future, it’s likely to stop working permanently, although you don’t know when. Also, it turns out that the Vanced team will continue to keep the communication channels active on Discord, Telegram and Reddit and who knows that some app restart might not be found in a way different from what we have known so far.