Google Maps could soon show toll prices, finally

Google continues to roll out new features for its most used applications, including Plans. Nowadays, Google Maps has become a tool of great importance for millions of users and therefore, the Mountain View giant continues to monitor and update the navigation service in the best possible way.

We can say that Maps is very useful but we can not say that it is a flawless service. Soon, however, he could earn several points because according to some rumors Google is on the verge of implementing a new function which would go to calculate the cost of the chosen route and therefore the price of the various tolls.


The news, published on Android Police says, “Confirmation came from a member of the preview program who was invited to take a survey to guide the Maps development team on the best way to implement the feature. Depending on the message, toll prices and possibly totals would be displayed along a driving route before the user selects it, allowing them to choose between saving time or money“.

Currently Google Maps indicates the presence of tolls but not their cost. In fact, this function was present in Waze, a navigation application later bought by Google in 2013 which gradually integrates the most interesting functions on Maps. For example, once you have set up a route, the ti will offer all the information you need to make the best choice according to the user’s needs in terms of cost and duration.

The function is always a stranger, since Google has left no statement on this (at least for now). However, the road seems to be right in anticipation of the Big G news.

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