Google, threats of dismissal for unvaccinated employees

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many companies have opted for a work-from-home or hybrid approach. In GoogleFor example, some employees may work in the office on certain days of the week, better on other days they can perform their duties even from home or remotely.

The company has postponed the return of its employees to the office, which was previously set for January 10, 2022, while even more recently it issued a new memo which says that employees who do not get vaccinated could lose their wages or, in the most egregious cases, be fired.

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The news was further elaborated by CNBC, which writes that the management of the company asked the employees for their proof of vaccination or a document proving a medical or religious dispensation. After the deadline, which is December 3, designated employees will begin to contact each employee individually who has not responded to requests.

Unvaccinated Google employees risk being fired

If contacted employees’ vaccination status is not updated by January 18, 2022, the company will take action such as “paid administrative leave” for a period of 30 days, followed by a maximum of six months of unpaid leave and, finally, dismissal. The novelty is specifically linked to operations in the United States to comply with President Biden’s vaccine mandate, yet strongly contested also and not only by Google employees.

In a note of revolt at The VergeGoogle said “the new vaccination requirements are one of the most important ways we protect our workforce and keep our services active.” The company is also committed to providing all the necessary support for the vaccination of employees and to promote the cause, in order to guarantee maximum security in the offices of the owners.

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