GoPro Announces Fourth Annual Million Dollar Challenge Winners

In the past few days, we have published the review of the new HERO10 Black. it’s about theaction camera point of GoPro which is again proposed as a benchmark for the category. But this is not the only news from the American company as the winners of the fourth edition of the contest were also announced at the same time. Million Dollar Challenge.

As for the previous editions (here that of 2020), it was also in this case a competition dedicated to users of the community. It all boiled down to one spectacular video with a set of clip picked up by users. A way to demonstrate the potential and technology embedded in these action camera.

Video GoPro 2021 Million Dollar Challenge

In this fourth edition of the competition, the videos were recorded using only the HERO10 Black (presented September 16). To be precise, it’s seventy videos, made by sixty-two content creators who have won over 16 thousand dollars each. The full list of winners is available at official site.


Users were given the opportunity to send videos from the days following the presentation of theaction camera. The closing date for applications has been set for December 2. As written above, the aim was to enhance the potential of GoPro HERO10 Black make the most spectacular videos possible. The clips were then uploaded to the appropriate site.

Since there are no limits, the competition saw the sending of ben 28 thousand videos of 131 nations with a total of 230 hours of video which have been evaluated by the company’s team itself. After careful consideration, the most interesting segments were extrapolated to make the video viewable at the start of the news.


Nicholas Woodman (CEO and founder of the company) said “congratulations to the 61 users included in the final video of the Million Dollar Challenge. The reel we prepared using their content has something more than other years: it manages to inspire and excite us, and this isn’t just a technical question related to the potential of the camera or the crazy stunts we’ve seen. Our users are more creative than ever, and that’s what makes the challenge special: they’ve created the coolest video we’ve ever seen. we’ve ever seen. We just put together their fantastic resume.”.


Remember that the new GoPro HERO10 Black uses a new GP2 processor, can record video up to 5.3k60 (slowed down 2X) but also 4K120 (slowed to 4X) e 1080p240 (slowed down to 8X). There is also HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization and 23 MPixel photographs can be taken. A new firmware update was also released a few days ago which implemented new features such as 5.3K SuperView and 24p frame rate.


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