Gran Turismo 7: Over 30 Minutes of New State of Play Gameplay

As promised, Sony has once again shown the highly anticipated in action Gran Turismo 7 at the last State of Play. During the digital event, spectators were able to observe the simulator of Digital Polyphony in action on PlayStation 5, with gameplay captured in 4K. At the end of the livestream, the release date of GT7 was reconfirmed: from the next March 4 the racing game will be available on PS5 and PS4. Here’s what we saw at the digital showcase.

GT7: all the new features presented at the State of Play

Sony and Polyphony made it a welcome Insight on the game modes of Gran Turismo 7. The seventh installment of the franchise will be a simulator with all the trappings, but there will be some arcade-style game modesespecially for beginners.

One of these modes is called musical rallya timed race “accompanied by lively music”. Designed for less intense and demanding gaming sessions, this game mode will invite new pilots to try out the simulator’s main mechanics and take advantage of power steering and other driving aids – like automatic braking, trajectories and more.

When you start GT7 for the first time, you get a credit pack invest in buying a used car. After catching the first bludger and going through the Garage, players will explore Coffeea welcoming virtual place that offers different challenges: by completing the activities offered by the “menu”, it will be possible unlock new cars and other rewards on the basis of own projects. As specified by the developers themselves, to progress through the campaign and access most vehicles and races Internet connection is required.

Among the other novelties seen at the State of Play, there is also the Patent Centerfashion “in which you will face rigorous tests well known to GT veterans”. In the processing workshopinstead, it will be possible to buy new parts “of all shapes and sizes” with which to customize your race car: “As you play and progress you will unlock even more”. Sony states that “this is just the tip of the iceberg”. In the digital showcase film, you can take a look at GT automaticspace in which it will be possible to beautify your car and carry out its maintenance, as well as insidelivery editor and the exclusive photo mode scapes.

state of play gran turismo 7 ps5

We remember Gran Turismo 7 a cross-gen production: from March 4, 2022 it will be available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The 25th Anniversary Edition of the PS5 version of the game will also include the digital code for the “old generation” version.