Graviton3, Amazon’s New Arm Processor for AWS EC2 Instances

During the AWS re:Invent 2021 event, Amazon announced the new AWS EC2 C7g Managed Instance AWS Graviton3 processors. Currently in previewWith a view to general availability in a few months, the new instance promises increased performance thanks to the third generation of proprietary processors based on ARM architecture.

Amazon did not go into details, but anticipated up to 25% more overall performance compared to the C6g instance based on Graviton2, plus major improvements with specific workloads – we’re talking about 2X performance with scientific and cryptographic floating point operationswhile the step forward with 3 times machine learning operations, also thanks to format support bfloat16.

amazon graviton3 1 01 12 2021

Amazon added that the new instance supports the DDR5 for 50% higher memory bandwidth e up to 30Gbps regarding network bandwidth. On the front of consumewe are talking discount request up to 60% same performance as comparable EC2 instances. So let’s assume an advance in the production process, but not only: probably at the base of Graviton3 are the Arm Neoverse N2 cores.

Speaking of Neoverse N2, codenamed Perseus, Arm described an evolution of the Neoverse N1 project capable of improving IPC performance by 40%, while maintaining the design philosophy of maximizing performance while occupying the least amount of space. possible and containing consumption.

amazon graviton3 2 01 12 2021

Among the first to discover the new instance based on Graviton3, we find Twitter. “We tested the new C7g instances based on Graviton3,” said Nick Tornow, platform manager at Twitter. “In a series of representative Twitter workload benchmarks, we found that C7g instances based on Graviton3 deliver 20-80% better performance than Graviton2-based C6g instanceswhile reducing queuing latencies by up to 35%.”


Some technical information has been unveiled on Amazon’s new Graviton3 CPU: we are faced with a design based on 7 chiplets and 55 billion transistors (Graviton2 accounts for 30 billion dollars): the processor integrates 64 cores with a frequency of 2.6 GHz clock and supports DDR5 memory with bandwidth up to 300 GB/s. Full support for 256-bit Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE).