Halo Infinite, source code leak reveals many details

Wait The Xbox conference will be held at Gamescom 2021, scheduled for 7 p.m. tonight, a lot of information has been leaked online about it Infinite halo, the new game flag bearer from Microsoft. The presence of so much detail on the internet is due to a widespread news leak mainly derived from a source code leak.


This continuous information leak she had already started the last few days with details related to a Halo Infinite photo mode; dataminers found references to photo filters and stickers which leave absolutely no room for doubt, even if we do not know if this photo mode will be active at the launch of the game or will be a posthumous feature. In the last few days leading up to the conference, the leaks continued with a gigantic wave of information on almost every aspect of the game. The possibility of power would also emerge. customize your own Master Chief avatar both in campaign mode and multiplayer mode, as seen in the above image posted on imgur.

According to articles published around Reddit and Twitter are emerging weapons, Vehicles, skills, multiplayer mode And medals. It is possible to find a complete list of the weapons present in the game, from the SMG to the Gravity Hammer, including the Plasma Cannon: they are really numerous but we do not know if they will all be already available at launch. The same goes for vehicles and abilities, although their list is obviously smaller.

Surprisingly, there are so many game modes too. The above list includes I names of modes and variants with a very brief description of each of their operation. It ranges from fighting bots for control of a play area or a simple deathmatch to mirroring variants with other players. In the list you can also see the return from the war zone, a mode that in Halo 5 worked as a multiplayer match between two teams of 12 players. We hope to find out the official details of all of these unintentional advances tonight at the Xbox conference at 7:00 PM. In the meantime, take a look at our preview of the game.

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