Halo Infinite, the multiplayer is richer than you think

Despite the incredible success multiplayer Halo Infinite, 343 Industries could have several surprises in store for the coming months. As noted on Reddit, in fact, the multiplayer area of ​​the game hides a lot more than the modes we learned in these weeks of play.

Infinite halo

Obviously, it is not easy to find them, but a simple trick is enough: start Infinite halo of Steam in offline mode. This way you have access (at least in custom mode) to no less than 14 additional modes, not yet available for classic multiplayer. And they are really very varied and original and which offer a game experience very different from the one offered instead. terms available from November 15, 2021.

Among the 14 “secret” modes of Infinite halo we find for example Attribution, where each player has a respawn limit and the goal of both teams is to exhaust the rebirths of opposing players. Also introduce Tactical Slayer, where there are no shields or radars. In short, there is really a lot of meat on the fire. Now the point of the story is to figure out if all of these modes will be released over the months, to better dilute the gaming experience and not offer everything right away or if some of these 14 new match types have been released. cut due to gaming experience. not considered optimal.

However, you shouldn’t be surprised by any of the scenarios planned, nor of course by the new modes present in the game. The multiplayer of Infinite halo it was actually launched in beta and that means 343 Industries is still working on optimizing the game and introducing modalities and small changes as player feedback comes in, much like what happened to the Battle Pass. In short, a game in constant evolution, a method already tested for free-to-play titles and which for the moment, at least for the game made in Seattle, it works pretty well.

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