Halo, the TV series: we see Master Chief in the flesh in the first trailer

It’s been about eight years since the first reveal of Halo, the television series inspired by the science fiction video game of the same name created by Bungie. As announced last February, the television adaptation produced by the Xbox Entertainment Studios – with the exclusive collaboration of director Steven Spielberg – will be distributed by Primordial in streaming format.

Today we can finally see Master Chief in action in the show which portrays him as the protagonist. Indeed, on the occasion of the Game Awards 2021, Microsoft and Paramount showed the first “first look” trailer for the television series. First impressions? Absolutely positive.

The first trailer for the Halo live-action series

Set in the 26th century, the Halo series will pick up the events first told in 2001, the year Halo: Advanced Combat landed on the first Xbox with the aim of winning over fans of first-person shooters, and beyond. The historic franchise inaugurated by Bungie one of the biggest names in gaming and with the newest Infinite, developed by 343 business sectorsfinally back on the front of the stage with a story worthy of the name it bears.

Wear the MJOLNIR armor of master chef we will find the American actor Pablo Schreiber, known for having worked on the cult series The Wire, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and American Gods. On his side, Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show, Californication) will perform the Dr Halseymother of the SPARTAN-II project, while Jen Taylor take on the role of CortanaJohn-117’s inseparable AI – voiced by Taylor in the original games.

Other characters from the video game series and novels from the Halo universe will appear in the show. Among the roles confirmed by Paramount is that of super-soldier Soren-066played here by the actor Bokeem Woodbine (Ghostbusters: Legacy).

spartan halo tv series

Recall that the live action series Halo will be broadcast exclusively on Paramount+ in 2022. The same year, the streaming platform will also arrive in Italy thanks to a distribution agreement signed with Sky. We will know more in the months to come.

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