Here are the new 3D emojis of Windows 11: Microsoft is still working on them

Last year he showed 3D versions for built-in emojis on Windows 11, however, the new operating system was distributed with the traditional two-dimensional versions without too many previews. He’s back to talk about the subject Nando Costaa designer at work for Microsoft, who revealed the company is still working to make Windows 11 emoji more material and three-dimensional.

emoji new11 720

Costa talked about it in a Publish last weekend on LinkedIn, outlining what Microsoft’s new direction will be for the new emoji system and detailing the company’s belief in 3D, born after a 2020 hackathon. In the post, you can see several examples of the new emoji, some even animated, showing a stylistic characterization more in line with modern canons and Fluent Design.

emoji new11 01
Current Emojis

New 3D emojis on Windows 11, Microsoft is still working on it

In response on Twitter to a Windows 11 user interested in new 3d emojisCosta said the company was working to bring them to the operating system, without specifying dates or additional details.

emoji new11 02
New emojis, click to enlarge

Prior to the release of Windows 11, the company had shown new three-dimensional emojis, suggesting that they would come with the first version of the operating system. When launching the latter, however, the company returned to the usual two-dimensional “flat” design, without giving too much explanation. Microsoft may have encountered technical limitations in the operating system, and is trying in recent months to overcome them for the final implementation.

Costa’s post also explains how Microsoft has chosen to replicate certain fine details of humans such as wrinkles and hairstyles, how the team makes these emojis appear in apps like Microsoft Teams, and how for some it has been taken as a reference. – yes, even in this one case – the “new reality in the world of hybrid work”. In the post you can also find some pointers on how the design team arrived at the final result. Adobe Illustrator, Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Figma, Font Lab and other applications were used for the realization.

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